Teacher Feature Tuesday
Teacher Feature Tuesday
Kirsten Allison
Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Our first teacher feature today is Mrs. Bruner. This is Staci's fourteenth year with the district! Here's a little bit about her:

1. Name: Staci Bruner

2. Hometown: Carthage

3. Children: Husband, Eric and kids, Keygan and Karson

4. Hobbies: camping, boating, traveling, shopping

5. Favorite: Food pasta

6. First Job: Wendy’s

7. Question you get asked frequently: How tall are you? and Are you busy?

8. Unique Fact: My expertise is calling people that know more than I do.

9. Year you started teaching: 1995

10. Degree: Bachelors from MSSU and Masters from MSU

11. What do you start your day with: Usually exercise…always Diet Coke

12. Position at Lockwood: Technology Coordinator