Teacher Feature Tuesday
Teacher Feature Tuesday
Kirsten Allison
Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Today's first Teacher Feature is a Lockwood native, Mrs. Scott. Sarah has been with the district for two years. Here's a little bit about her! 

1. Name: Sarah Scott

2. Hometown: Lockwood

3. Children: Lyla (6) and Hayes (3)

4. Hobbies: Ummm…I’m a mom and a teacher. Not a lot of time for hobbies.

5. Favorite Food: Sugar and coffee

6. First Job: Baby-sitting for Mary Schnelle

7. Question you get asked frequently: Are we going outside for recess?

8. Unique Fact: I get up at 4am. I think I use my psychology degree more than my teaching degree during the day.

9. Year you started teaching: 2008

10. Degree: Psychology from Drury University and Education from Missouri State University

11. What do you start your day with: Morning chores and coffee…lots and lots of coffee

12. Position at Lockwood: 4th grade teacher