Teacher Feature Tuesday
Teacher Feature Tuesday
Kirsten Allison
Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Our second Teacher Feature today is Ms. Paterni. She has been with the district for twelve years! 

1. Name: Amy Paterni

2. Hometown: Pittsburg, KS

3. Hobbies:  I love all things artistic and crafty. I also love to sew.

4. Favorite Food:   Pizza and anything chocolate

5. First Job: Cashier at a grocery store

6. Question you get asked frequently:  Is this good enough Miss P? Why do you love Star Wars so much?

7. Unique Fact:  I have lived in Michigan, Tennessee, and Kansas. I grew up with one little brother but now have 6, the youngest is graduating this year.

8. Year you started teaching:   2005

9. Degree:  Pittsburg State BSED Art Education

10. What do you start your day with: 45 minutes in the gym @ 4:30 a.m.

11. Position at Lockwood:  Art teacher