Teacher Feature Tuesday
Teacher Feature Tuesday
Kirsten Allison
Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Today's Teacher Feature Tuesday is Jodi McVay. Jodi has been with the district for 18 years! Here's a little bit about her: 

1. Name: Jodi McVay

2. Hometime: Walnut Grove

3. Children: Myranda- sophomore, Makayla- 8th gr, Montana- 3rd gr

4. Favorite Hobbies: Reading, church, spending time with family, and watching my kids play ball

5.  Favorite Food: Pickles

6. First teaching job: here at Lockwood

7. Question you get asked frequently: How tall are you?

8.  Unique Fact: I am 6' 0" tall

9. Year you started teaching: 1999

10. Degree: Bachelor's degree from University of Kansas and Master's degree from MSU

11. What do you start your day with? Cup of coffee and daily devotion with my kids

12. Position at Lockwood: K-12 Speech Pathologist