Teacher Feature
Teacher Feature
Lockwood R-1
Thursday, March 16, 2017

Our first Teacher Feature of the week is Mrs. Lynn Forbus. Lynn has been with the district for 6 years. Here's a little bit about her! 

1. Name-Lynn Forbus

2. Hometown-Graham, TX.

3. Children-I have two teenagers, Katelynn and Judd Forbus.

4. Hobbies-Bow hunting and fishing.

5. Favorite Food-Anything Mexican

6. First Job- I was a Secretary at my grandfathers oil company, Bruce Operating.

7. Question you get asked frequently-What’s for lunch?

8. Unique Fact- Shon(my husband), Katelynn and I lived in Atlanta, GA before moving to Missouri.

9. What do you start your day with? Making bottles for the baby lambs and goat.

10. Position at Lockwood-Director of Nutritional Services