Teacher Feature Tuesday

Our next Teacher Feature is Mr. McKinney. This is Luke's third year with the district. Here's a little bit about him: 

1. Name: Luke McKinney

2. Hometown: Harrisburg, MO

3. Children: My pup, Finnick

4. Hobbies: Running, reading, Netflix, and naps.

5. Favorite Food: Pizza

6. First Job: I worked at Hollister.

7. Question you get asked frequently: Are you a black belt? (Yes, in TaeKwon-Do)

8. Unique Fact: I was an Athletic Training Major in college for a year.

9. Year you started teaching: 2014

10. Degree? Bachelor of Music Education in Instrumental and Vocal from Central Methodist University

11. What do you start your day with? Feeding my dog and a shower.

12. Position at Lockwood: K-12 Music Director, High School Boys Track Coach, and Drama