Today's Teacher Feature Tuesday is Mrs. Roschevitz. Jamie has been with the district for six years! Here's a little bit about her. 

1. Name: Jamie Roschevitz

2. Hometown: Wheaton, MO

3. Children: Adelyn (3), Logan (1)

4. Hobbies: Reading and playing with Addie and Logan

5. Favorite Food: Seafood

6. First Job: Umpire in the summer

7. Question you get asked frequently: "Can you proofread my paper?" and "What are we doing at practice today?"

8. Unique Fact: I played on the high school baseball team my senior year so they would have enough to play for a few games.

9. Year you started teaching: 2011

10. Degree: Secondary Education from Missouri Southern State University

11. What do you start your day with? After I get ready, breakfast and the Today Show.

12. Position at Lockwood: HS English, Yearbook and Head Volleyball and Girls Track Coach