Teacher Feature Tuesday

Our next Teacher Feature Tuesday is a Lockwood native. Beth Long has been with the district for an impressive 36 years! Here's a little bit about her:

1. Name: Beth Long

2. Hometown: Lockwood, MO

3. Children: Erica Jones & Son-in-law Jeremy Jones, Rusta Morrow & Son-in-law Andy Morrow, Rachel Long & Rylan Long
Grandkids: Mason, Lauren & Jake Jones, Taylar, Josie, Kohlton & Rory Morrow
Husband: Russ Long

4. Hobbies: Photography, Videoing, Racing

5. Favorite Food:Fresh Pineapple

6. First Job: Lockwood MFA

7. Question you get asked frequently: Can I print to this printer?

8. Year you started teaching:1981

9. Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Drury, Masters in Elementary Education with emphasis in Gifted Education from Drury , K-12 Library certification from MSU

10. What do you start your day with?: Glass of water and Protandim Nrf 1 & 2 synergizers

11. Position at Lockwood: Online Foreign Language Adviser