Today's Teacher Feature Tuesday is Mrs. Rebecca Cossins. Mrs. Cossins has been with the district for 16 years! 

1. Name: Rebecca Cossins

2. Hometown: Lockwood attended school in Greenfield

3. Children: Jonathon 19, Elizabeth 16, Blake 11, Easton 9, Nilah 2

4. Hobbies: I love to organize and read

5. Favorite Food:  Chocolate pie

6. First Job: I worked at the Harvest table a restaurant in Lockwood as a waitress

7. Question you get asked frequently: Can I check out a book??

8. Unique Fact:  2 of my relatives have also held the position of librarian at Lockwood schools

9. Year you started teaching: 2001

10. Degree: Early Childhood Education from Missouri Southern State University and my masters in administration from William Woods

11. What do you start your day with: Mickey Mouse clubhouse

12. Position at Lockwood:  high school and elementary librarian, middle school student council