Teacher Feature Tuesday

Our first Teacher Feature today is Mrs. Deann Miller. Deann has been with the district for 30 years! Here's little bit about her. 

1. Name: Deann Miller

2. Hometown: between Sylvania and Jerico Springs

3. Husband: Charles
   Children: Jolene Standley (Shawn), Jennifer Feller (Doug)
   Grandchildren: Lakin and Kinder Standley, Ashby and Maxen Feller

4. Hobbies: Gardening

5. Favorite Food: Fried chicken and potatoes fixed any way 

6. First Job: Greenfield Movie Theatre

7. Frequently Asked Question: When are you going to retire? 

8. Year you started working for Lockwood: 1986-1987

9. What do you start your day with? Watching the news

10. Position at Lockwood: Para and bus driver