Teacher Feature

Our other Teacher Feature this week is Mr. Elvin Winans. Elvin has been with the district for 12 years. Here's a little bit about him. 

1. Name:  Elvin Winans

2. Hometown:  Jasper, MO

3. Children:  Darrelle Hill and Darren Winans

4. Hobbies:  Farming

5. Favorite Food:  Coconut Cream Pie!!

6. First Job:  Hauling Hay

7. Question you get asked frequently:  "Can we nap today?"

8. Unique Fact:  I love rattlesnake and agate hunting in South Dakota.

 9. Year you started teaching:  1994 

10. Degree? BA from Southwest Baptist University; MA
from William Woods University

11. What do you start your day with? I usually start the day with coffee
and the news.

12. Position at Lockwood:  Middle School Language Arts