Teacher Feature Tuesday

Our first Teacher Feature today is Ms. Bonnie Hayden. Bonnie has been with the district for 13 years! 

1. Name: Bonnie Hayden

2. Hometown: Golden City, MO

3. Children: Angela, Matthew, and Dustin and 5 wonderful grandchildren 

4. Hobbies: Reading, singing, watching movies

5. Favorite Food: Long John Silvers Fish and Shrimp

6. First Job: Besides pulling weeds out of my dad's row crops, I worked at the Hortons Dime Store in Lamar.

7. Question you get asked frequently: Will you babysit? (My 3 year old grandson) and Are you going to the game with us? (Abriel's games) 

8. Unique Fact: I try to find good in everyone. 

9. Year you started teaching: I started teaching at Golden City Pre-School in 1994. 

10. What do you start your day with? Prayer and devotions

11. Position at Lockwood: Para working in Title I Reading