Lockwood Request for Proposal


May 7, 2018 Request out for vendors

May 18, 2018 Deadline for submission of proposal

May 23, 2018 Bids taken to board meeting

May 24, 2018 Contract award date

General information:

Lockwood schools will be taking bids to replace old flooring in our buildings.  We will have multiple buildings getting new flooring. We will want to have the old removed as well as the new installed.  We would like to have carpet tile in the carpeted areas and we will want to replace the elementary art room with an easy to clean type of flooring.  We currently have tile in the art room and could replace with new tile or could bid with some type of laminate flooring as well. This work would need to be completed prior to July 23rd.

High School Building:

Carpeted area removed and replaced with carpet tile 12,800 sq. feet

Gym Stage flooring remove carpet and replace with carpet tile 1,100 square ft.

Gym stage remove and replace cove base 135 running feet

Remove cove base in carpeted areas and replace with new 2700 running feet

Elementary Building:

Remove carpet and replace with carpet tile 22,550 sq. feet

Remove old tile in art room and replace with new flooring 648 sq. feet

Remove cove base in carpeted areas and replace with new 3550 running ft.

Fitness Center:

Remove old carpet in fitness room and replace with carpet tile 830 sq. ft.

Remove and replace cove base 125 running feet

Bid Pricing:

Please break out your bid pricing between flooring and cove base.  Also please break out cost for high school stage and fitness rooms separately from the buildings.