Third Quarter Honor Roll

Lockwood Elementary/Middle School 3rd Quarter Honor Roll

3RD Grade All A: Hadley Abbiatti, Elizabeth Baugh, Brynley Ogden, Cooper Ogden, and Drew Pittsenbarger.

3rd Grade A/B: Abigail Baugh, Oliver Boehne, Gracie Emmons, Vanessa Obert, and Farrah Rockwood.

4th Grade All A: Reese Whitesell.

4th Grade A/B: Hadyn Dunagan, Braxton Garver, Roper Gray, Koen Lilienkamp, Hudson McGuire, Landry Ogden, and Cailin Smith.

5th Grade All A: Luke Baugh and Miles Neely.

5th Grade A/B: Alleyandra Bowman, Chayse Coose, Logan Jenkins, Andrew Mays, Khloe Mein, Jack Miller, Annie Neely, Owen Patterson, and Kale Rader.

6th Grade All A: Amaleiya Cerrone and Mekenzi weimer.

6th Grade A/B: Lillian Borchardt, Cayden Coose, Kaden Gallup, Logan Pittsenbarger, and Abryana Watson.

7th Grade all A: Shianne Gray, Autumn Trolinder, Grace Wilson, and Payton wilson.

7th Grade A/B: Rachel Baugh, Page Beerly, Gerry Lawman, Hannah Steely, and Sienna Wirth.

8th Grade All A: Owen Neely.

8th Grade A/B: Justin Aldridge, Blake Cossins, Rafe Duncan, Kolton Gulick, and Dylan Snider.