Our first teacher feature today is Kara Kinney. Coach Kinney has been with the district six years. Here is a little bit about her!

1. Name- Kara Kinney
2. Hometown- Lamar
3. Children- 1 fur baby
4. Hobbies- Riding horses, Chiefs, Royals, and KU Basketball.
5. Favorite Food- Steak
6. First Job - Helped my brother at his excavation company. Doing the jobs nobody else wanted.
7. Question you get asked frequently- What game are we playing today?
8. Year you started teaching? 2008
9. Degree? If so, where from? BS in Physical Education from Pittsburg State
10.. What do you start your day with? ESPN
11. Position at Lockwood- K-8 PE and HS Girls Basketball Coach