Our next Teacher Feature is Nurse Lori! 

1. My name is Lori Schnelle. I grew up in Golden City, the jewel in the crown of Barton County. I also lived in Texas for five years.

2. Children: I have three angels. Nathan, Noah and Noelle.

3.Hobbies: I enjoy painting, art stuff in general, planting and growing flowers. I also enjoy collecting antiques, so treasure hunting at auctions and flea markets is always a fun adventure.

4. Favorite food: sushi.

5. First job: I had misc. jobs such as planting strawberries for a small produce farm but my first real job was being a waitress at Cooky’s while in high school and attending practical nursing school.

6. Degree: I graduated from practical nursing school in 1990. I became a registered nurse in 1994.

7. Question you get asked the most: I would say the most common question I am asked is…”how many cats do you have?” Contrary to vicious cat hoarding rumors, I have ten cats. Nine live outside. Hillary Kitten is a baby that was left in my yard when she was a week old. She is not ready for the great outdoors yet.

8.What do you start your morning with? I start every morning with drinking coffee and watching the ID channel in bed with my adorable kitten, Hillary Kitten. Well, she mainly stares at me while I watch TV but we spend quality time together, none the less.

9.Position at Lockwood: I am the School Nurse. I was the nurse on Fridays for a few years. I became the full time nurse in 2013. I love my job, and have the opportunity to work with some really great and caring people.I feel it’s an awesome team to be a part of. Of course the children always keep things interesting! So many fascinating stories are shared in the health office….common topics are pets, video games and megasharks…They do exist!