Virtual Learning

In 2018, state law changed to require school districts to advertise a students right to virtual courses available through Missouri Course Access Program (MOCAP). MOCAP is operated by the department of elementary and secondary education (DESE). DESE lists courses available for students to take on their website. Students interested in taking virtual courses through MOCAP should contact their building administrator about enrolling in virtual classes. If it is determined to be in the best educational interest of the student, the district will be required to pay for the approved virtual course.

Parents or students interested in learning more about virtual courses can contact their building principal or counselor. A list of MOCAP course providers and a course catalog can be found at http://mocap.mo.gov/catalog/. The Lockwood School District policy on virtual courses can be found on the school webpage at Lockwoodschools.org. Policy IGCD addresses virtual courses and a student's right to MOCAP classes.