MoBeef Program - Carrier Farms

This year Lockwood High School started participating in the MoBeef program. MoBeef is a joint program of the Missouri Department of Agriculture, the Missouri Beef Industry Council and Opaa Food Service to increase the amount of Missouri-raised beef on school lunch menus. Our high school has a choice of locally grown hamburgers each day in addition to the regular school lunch menu. Thanks to the local cattle producers and Lockwood Packing Company, we are able to increase the intake of beef in our school cafeteria.Carrier Farms is one family contributing to this project. 

David and Carolyn Carrier have a family run farm outside of Lockwood. Their two sons, Harry and Chuck, and grandson, William, are all part of the farming operation. Carrier Farms started with Shorthorn cattle in 1882 with David's great-grandfather, John Kenier. The family farm continued through David's grandfather, Dewey Kenier, his mother, Pauline (Kenier) Carrier, and Father, Arther Carrier. David's father switched from Shorthorn cattle to Angus in 1945. They remain a Black Angus operation to this day and also have a row crop operation. David is proud of his seventh generation family run farm and hopes it will continue with his great-grandchildren. When we asked David what he would like to tell the consumer about beef he responded, " Beef is rich in iron and protein. We need that to nourish our bodies."  We would like to give a big thanks to Carrier Farms for their donation and to Lockwood Packing Company for making this project happen.