Teacher Feature Tuesday

Our first feature today is Shawna Harrison. Shawna has been with the district for 11 years! 

1. Hometown: Lockwood 

2. Children: Bethany McNeece, Walker & Jorden Harrison

3. Hobbies: landscaping, reading, birding (watch The Big Year with Steven Martin and Jack Black if you don't know what that is) 

4. Favorite Food: fried fish (bass and white cat)

5. First Job: Working at the bowling alley in Lockwood for $3.00/ hour

6. Question you get asked frequently: Why don't you have Facebook? 

7. Unique Fact: I am raising Call Ducks

8. Year you started: I started my first kitchen job in 1997

9. Degree: 350 Degrees from the oven :) 

10. What do you start your day with: coffee with french vanilla creamer

11. Position at Lockwood: Kitchen Manager