Here is the summer schedule for students who want to participate in extracurricular sports.  Each sport is color coded so that you can easily see the dates and times with each specific sport.  Junior high athletes are welcome to come to weights and they are also invited to join the contact days for each sport.  Head coaches are opening up contact days for 7-12 grade students to attend.  The first day we will get together is May 18 at 8:00 am.  We strongly encourage all student athletes to attend as we will be setting a time for each coach to talk to their athletes. 

Summer weights will run 8-9 AM Monday through Thursday each week.  Summer weights are for all athletes both male and female.  Coaches will have their contact days after weights from 9-11 AM.  Sport specific leagues will take place in the evenings.  Those are color coded as well.  However, some of those leagues are still working out details in regards to specific times and locations. 

Questions about summer contact days or summer weights should be directed to Athletic Director, Ethan Baker, at 471-830-8763 or ebaker@tigersk12.org

Please find the schedules below or on our website under Documents>Parent & Student Resources> Summer Schedules. (https://www.lockwoodschools.org/o/lockwood/browse/130166)

*These are tentative and could change if the health department recommendations change.*