Lockwood Schools

Meet Mrs. Megan Allison!  Although Megan will be a long time resident of Dade county from now on, she comes from Oklahoma! We've asked Megan some questions in order to get to know her! 

Name: Megan Allison

Hometown: Enid, OK currently living in South Greenfield

Family: Husband, Marc, and dog, Libby

Hobby: reading, shopping,doing puzzles, travelling, spending time with family & friends, OSU sporting events

Dream vacation spot: Australia

Interesting Fact: I touched a cow for the first time last month!

Embarrassing Moment: Just one?! I'm so clumsy (my dad calls me Grace), there are too many moments to mention.

Years in education: 8 years - 2 years Title I Reading & Math, 2 years 2nd grade, 4 years Library Media Specialist

Position(s) at Lockwood: 3rd Grade - 3rd-5th Science & Social Studies

Welcome to Lockwood, Megan!